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Today, we thought we’d take a right turn from our last week’s 5 Glitzy Glass Houses That Make us Drool and show you that modern can be ancient, too. Glass is innately modern, but what about stone? Well, we scoured the four corners of the globe for this lovely collection of modern homes that are made of stone for your viewing pleasure. Without futher ado, the most modern ancient-looking homes you’ll ever see:
This bizarre stone house is located in Nas montanhas de Fafe in Portugal. It looks like a quaint cottage smashed between two giant boulders, but the view – on top of a rolling grassy plain – must be spectacular.
Image courtesy of Daily Mail
This house is a mix of stone and wood, but it looks so much like an art-deco cottage that we just had to include it. The house is a single-family dwelling on a five-acre lot, and comes fully equipped with modern accents like landscaping done in the style of the surrounding wildlife.

Image courtesy of ArchInspire
This stone house in Croatia is the ideal mix of old and new to create modern style. It features 15th century interior items such as the recessed sink in the image, but is fully fitted in modern furniture and appliance, with a lovely harbor-front view for that little something extra.

Image courtesy of CocoMale

This dreamy stone home has it all: intriguing and stylish architecture, a landscape to die for, and a large, spacious, sprawling layout. It doesn’t get better than this.

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