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Kardashian and Lopez weren’t the only real ladies revealing their finest, ahem, assets. Beyonc notably required the carpet along with husband Jay-Z putting on a Givenchy Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci, leaving next-to-nothing towards the imagination.


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Needless to say, we\’ve got some serious booty envy. Naturally, we swept up with Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Rebecca Kennedy to get her must-do moves for a lifted, toned derrier.

Bridge Builder
1. Start by laying flat on your back. With rear end close to the bench place heels on top and lift hips up to create a straight line through shoulders in order to knees (absolutely no crease within hip).
2. Lower butt back towards ground without coming in contact with and repeat for Twenty five reps.
Repeat Twenty five reps

Step and Curtsy
1. Position parallel to some bench, place right foot on table, push through right heel to stand up driving left leg to upper body.
2. Lower leg right down to floor as well as cross correct leg back behind to some curtsy position.
Repeat 15 reps then switch sides

Bear Donkey Kick
1. Start on all fours, engage your own core, as well as lift each knees off the ground to begin.
2. Slowly kick your right lower-leg straight at the rear of you, traveling through the back heel. Hold lower-leg parallel to the floor as well as bend your knee drawing your correct heel in the direction of your glute. Extend leg back out and pull knee back to starting placement.
Repeat 15 repetitions then change sides.

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