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You’lmost all find leg squats are incorporated into many of the Tone It Up programs, and Beginning says she and partner Katrina love them for their ability to also strengthen your own core. “Whenever performing a squat, your abs are engaged so that you can keep a straight back again and proper form,” she says. “High reps are great at creating muscular endurance as well!”

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Try these seven techniques that go over and beyond to operate additional muscles for an even bigger burn for your buck.

Overhead Squat Press

Equipment: kettlebell
Works: it all
Begin in a deadlift position keeping your kettlebell over your shoulder with your palm forward. While you come up, squeeze your butt, and press the weight directly over your own shoulder.

Pli Squat 

Equipment: kettlebell
Works: inner upper thighs, glutes
Stand with your feet wider compared to hip distance apart as well as your feet at 45-degree angles. Relax as far as you are able to into a squat, keeping you abs engaged, make back and head ahead. Stand support, driving all your weight into your heels.

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Single Lower-leg Squat

Equipment: exercise ball
Works: inner thighs, butt, hamstrings
With one lower-leg on the ball and one stationary on the floor, sit back as far as you can and keep your abs engaged

Single Leg Lunge

Equipment: exercise ball
Works: inner thighs, butt, quads, hamstrings
With 1 toe back on the ball, jump forward so that your front foot is farther compared to your leg. Drop straight down, and then press your quads and glutes as you come up. Perform this move slow and steady.

Side Lunge Press

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Equipment: kettlebell
Works: inner thighs, glutes, shoulders, chest, lower abs
Begin through lunging out to the side, keeping your core strong, leg in line with your ankle and shoulders back. Sit back so far as you can, driving all your fat into your back heel. Balance on your bent leg, as you provide your opposite knee up by utilizing your own lower abs and push the kettlebell over your head.

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Overhead Ball Squat

Equipment: exercise ball
Works: quads, butt, hamstrings, core, obliques
Begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart whilst holding the ball over your head. Squat back, squeezing your own glutes in route up whilst keeping your ab muscles engaged.

Squat Abduction

Equipment: none
Works: quads, glutes, outer thighs
Begin together with your feet shoulder width aside. Squat back keeping your chest forward, ab muscles tight and shoulder back. Stand up, driving all your consider into your high heels. Abduct your leg out to the side, using your core to stability. Return to squat and alternate sides.

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